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Peace Explorer #19 Bold Brave Media

Interview with Badi Shams A Baha’i Perspective

EBBF Interview with Badi Shams Economics of the Future

The 4 Characteristics of Great Social Capitalists DAVID LANGNESS

Searching for a New Economic Model in India BAHA'I WORLD NEWS SERVICE

Is Housing a Human Right DAVID LANGNESS

How to Find Volunteer Work That Inspires Your Sense of Service NASIM MANSURI

Honesty and Trust Equal Social Capital LAWRENCE M. MILLER

Beyond Capitalism and Communism to a New Spiritual System NADER SAIEDI

Are Baha’is Capitalists or Socialists David Langness

A Small Town’s Simple Approach to Peace by Badi Shams

After Universal Basic Income by Simon Sarris

Asset Managers Get Involved in the Companies They Own from The Economist

Baha’i Principle – Abolition of Economic Extremes by The Baha’i International Community

Baha’i Principles of Organization and Economics by Lawrence M. Miller

Baha’i-Inspired Charitable Agencies

Business, Development, and the Bahá’í Funds by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States

Can Spirituality Solve the Disparity Between Rich and Poor by Behrooz Sabet

Economics, A Bahá’í Approach A publication by Warwick Leaflets

Economics and Spirituality from a Baha’i Perspective by Badi Shams

Evolving Toward a Baha’i Economic System by Gregory C. Dahl

Faith and World Economy by Giuseppe Robiati Reviewed by Sen McGlinn

Forging the Divine Economy by Justin Scoggin

How Community Banking Brings Prosperity to Everyone by Marilyn Waite

How Service to Others Can Drive Economic Life by Sheida Vair-Zadeh

How to Measure True Prosperity by by Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian

Human Nature and Human Society William S. Hatcher

Integrating Spiritual Principles into Our Work Life Susan Gammage

Is There A Baha’i Economic System? Wilmette Institute Webinar

New Directions for Economics by Gregory C. Dahl

Our Daily Work by Greg Hodges

Perspective: One world, One Currency published in One Country

Practical Economic Suggestions for Everyday Use by Badi Shams

Practical Suggestions for Community Service  Badi Shams

Profit Sharing by Badi Shams

Rethinking Profit and Profit-sharing   by Zarrin Caldwell

Shared Value Priorities in Groups: The Impact of the Baha’i Faith on Values by

Faezeh Afshar

Study of the Bahá’i Writings on Economics  by Badi Shams

The Baha’i Faith and Economics: a Review and Synthesis by Bryan Graham

The Baha’i Faith and the Market Economy by Farhad Rassekh

The World Economy of Bahá’u’lláh . Uniting Labor and Management by David Langness

Why only Baha’is can Contribute to the Fund by Sathia Varqa

Why Tariffs are Bad Taxes The Economist

Compilation on the Institution of the Mashriqu’l-Askar Compiled by Universal House of Justice
Economics Of The Future Badi Shams
Guidelines for Economic Living Compiled by Badi Shams
Huqúqu’llah Compilation of Compilations
Statement on the Institution of the Mashriqu’l-Askar Universal House of Justice
The True Foundation of all Economics Compiled by Hooshmand Badee

The Golden Rule and the Green Rule JAELLAYNA PALMER

Sustainable Development Advancing Toward a Global Civilization Christine Muller

How We Can Build a Green Global Economy ARTHUR LYON DAHL

How to Be an Environmentalist PETER GYULAY

From Division to Unity Toward a Just and Sustainable Society James Howden

Combatting Climate Change with Science and Religion KENNETH E. BOWERS

Climate Conversations Need as a Unifier Teresa Langness

Climate Change and Humanity 2.0 HUGH LOCKE

Climate Change Putting our Principles into Practice David Menham

Balancing Economy with Ecology ERFAN DALIRI

Action on Climate Change Multiple Paths to a Better Future Christine Muller

A Basis for Collective Action on Climate BAHA'I WORLD NEWS SERVICE

A More Enlightened Approach to SDG Investing Harald Walkate & Cary

Can We Have a Flag for Our Planet Badi Sham

Caring for the Environment Warwick Leaflets
Churches Help to Preserve Bird Biodiversity The Economist
Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Bahá’i Faith Baha’i International Community
Conservation of the Earth Grahame Howells
Conservation of the Earth’s Resources Baha’i World Center
Consultation and Compromise in Environment Affairs Bill Knight-Weiler
Eco-spirituality The Guardian
Eco Principle Arthur Dahl reviewed by Stephen Vickers
Ecological Models of Social Organization Arthur Dahl
Ecological Stewardship as Applied Spirituality John Thelen Steere
Efforts to Make Buildings Greener are not Working The Economist
Green Asset Classes are Proliferating – The Economist
How to Design Carbon Taxes The Economist
International Legislation for the Environment and Development Baha’i International Community
Older Men are More Prone to Cognitive Impairment from Dirty Air The Economist
Road Makers Turn to Recycled Plastic for Tougher Surfaces The Economist
Spiritual Foundations for an Ecologically Sustainable SocietyRobert A. White
Who is Writing the Future? Reflections on the 20th Century Baha’i International Community

2 Effective Ways to Fight your Ego Badi Shams

The Beauty and Benefits When East and West Meet   Badi Shams

Affirmative Action Should be Based on Class, not Race The Economist
April 22, 2016 Letter Board of Trustees (Canada)
Baha’i Faith and Social Action Christopher Buck
Bringing the Insights of Religion into Development  Baha’i World News Service News
Cash is Replacing Other Forms of Aid The Economist
Challenges of Sustainable Development Augusto Lopez-Claros
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Success Palazzi and Starcher
Development Impact Bonds are Costly, Cumbersome, and Good The Economist
Dialogues between Faith Values and ESD Values Arthur Dahl
Does Ethical Investment Withhold Capital From Those That Most Need it  The Economist
Down with Philanthrocapitalism, Says an Entertaining Polemic  The Economist
Economic Life of Communities  Uplifting Words
Education of Women and Socio-Economic Development Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
Helping Workers Get By The Economist
Horrible Bosses The Economist
How to Plug Budget Holes by Managing Public Wealth Better The Economist
How to Stop Civilization’s Excesses Rodney Richards
Huqúqu’llah The Right of God Research Department of the Universal House of Justice
Initial Coin Offerings Have Become Big Business The Economist
Is Your Profession Your Identity? Kathy Roman
Just System of Government John Huddleston
Lessons Your School Did Not Teach You Bruce Flow
Let Us Create An EcoRenaissance Guy Dauncey
Making the Sustainable Development Goals work for local communities everywhere Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl
Meal Prepping My Way Out of Minimum Credit Card Payments Rachel Berkey
Money Managers and Charities are Offering Joint Investment Products The Economist
Open Offices Can Lead to Closed Minds The Economist Optimizing for Human Well-Being  Douglas Rushkoff
Overhaul Tax for the 21st Century The Economist
Overview of Baha’i Social and Economic Development Holly Hanson
Practical Economic Suggestions for Everyday Use Badi Shams
Quitting as a Game of Chess Queen Muse
Rising Inequality could explain tepid support for redistribution The Economist
Should Affirmative Action be Scrapped? The Economist
Simple Interactions Can Have Unpredictable Consequences The Economist
Social Action Department of the Secretariat — Universal House of Justice
Social Action Office of Social and Economic Development
Social and Economic Development Research Department of the Universal House of Justice
Social Justice, Wealth Equity and Gender Equality Leslie W. Kuzyk
Solidarity, not just charity for street community  Joshua Goldberg
Strategies and Processes of Social Change Howard Buchbinder
Suggestions for Community Service Badi Shams
Sustainable Communities in an Integrating World Baha’i International Community
Sustainable Development Christine Mulle
Sustainable Development and Prosperity Arthur Dahl
Sustainable Development and the Human Spirit Baha’i International Community
Sustainable Development, A Baha’i View Warwick Leaflets
The Baha’is and Social Development, Building Community Moojan Momen
The Annoying Habits of Highly Effective People The Economist
The Economists’ Diet The Economist
The Evolution of Institutional Capacity Office of Social and Economic Development

The Paris Peace Forum The Paris Peace Forum
The Process of Social Transformation
Farzam Arbab
The Rising Cost of Education and Health Care is Less Troubling than Believed
The Economist
The Welfare State Needs Updating
The Economist
The Worldwide Bahá’í Community’s Approach to Social and Economic Development
Uplifting Words
Toward a Sociology of Wealth
Richard Lachmann
Towards A Just Economic Order 
Baha’i International Community
Towards a Framework for Action
Paul Lample
Understanding Each Other in these Difficult Times
Badi Shams
What is the Role of Wealth in Society
Jenna Nicho
What Makes Social and Economic Development Work
Moojan Momen
Why Economists are Coming Out in Favor of Unconditional Basic Income
Leslee Goodman

Why is Macroeconomics so Hard to Teach? The Economist
Why is Vigorous Economic Competition a Good Thing?
The Economist
Why Managers Should Listen to Shareholders
The Economist

5 Spiritual Principles I Try to Apply to My Business Lindsey Engh
A Spiritual Approach to Microcredit Projects Michel Zahrai
An Introduction to GNH (gross national happiness) Karma Ura
Big Corporates’ Quest to be Hip is Helping WeWork The Economist
Challenges of the Construction of a New Morality Luiz Gushikan
Culture, Spirituality and Development World Faiths Development Dialogue
Does Economics Determine Human History David Langness
Economics and Moral Philosophy Brian Davey
Economics and Morality Timothy Taylor
Economics and Spirituality Tony Michel
Ethics and Entrepreneurship, An Oxymoron? George Starcher
Financial Literacy: Walking the Spiritual Life with Practical Feet Brydon Grant
Financial Regrets to Avoid Badi Shams
Growth Can Overcome the Loss of Faith in Global Cooperation The Economist
How Much Profit Margin Do You Need? Badi Shams
How to Run a Calm Workplace The Economist
How to Spend Your Money Spiritually Badi Shams
Islami Bank Bangladesh The Economist
In Religion and Economics, Cause and Effect are Very Hard to Prove The Economist
Moral Economy Andrew Sayer

Morals and Leadership Eloy Anello
People Are More Honest than They Think They Are  The Economist
Perspectives on Moral Economy Lancaster University
PopenomicsThe Economist
Rooting out the Corruption in Our Economic System  Arthur Lyon Dhal
Spiritual Enterprise by Lawrence Miller Review by Anousha Vahdaty
Spirituality: The Surprising Solution to Our Economic Problems Badi Shams

Removing Poverty Through Virtues by Badi ShamsThe Bahai Concept of a Good Loan Badi Shams
The Economics of Morality Dillon Bowen
The Moral Assumptions Embedded in Economic Models of Climate Change – The Economist

The Power of Tracking & Budgeting Zaid Dahhaj

The Role of Spirituality in Economics Badi Shams

The Search for Values in an Age of Transition Baha’i International Community

The Spiritual Dimensions of Microfinance Barbara J. Rodey

Three Ways to Avoid Major Financial Regrets Badi Shams

Toward a Development Ethics Anna Vakil

Toward a New Paradigm of Management George Starcher

Transforming Capitalism, 7 Acupuncture Points Otto Scharmer

Valuing Spirituality in Development Baha’i International Community

Value Investing is Long on Virtue But Has Been Short on Reward The Economist

We Need to Replace Money as a Measure of Success  Badi Shams

Why Ethics Matters Frank Stillwell

Work and Worship Simon Ward

A Catholic, a Muslim and a Baha’i on the Oneness of Religion  Badi Shams

9 November 2018 Letter Universal House of Justice
A Renewed World Organization for the 21st Century Andreas Bummel
Acting in Oneness for a Better Economy Greg Hodges
Betterment of the World Baha’i International Community
Economic Justice and the Creation of a New International Economic Order Keith Suter
Economy for the New World Order Giuseppe Robiati
Evolution Towards World Order Baha’i World Center
Gross National Happiness Badi Shams
Guaranteed Jobs: An Explainer Ed Dolan
How Compatible are Democracy and Capitalism  The Economist

Income-share Agreements are a Novel Way to Pay Tuition Fees The Economist
Is Modern Monetary Theory Nutty or Essential The Economist
New Patterns of Community Life in an Urbanizing World Baha’i International Community
New Zealand’s First-Even Budget for ‘Well-Being’…  Sushmita Roy
Profit-sharing rising  Darain L Smith
Slower Growth in Ageing Economies is not Inevitable The Economist

The Beautiful Baha’i Promise of a Poverty-Free Future David Langness
The New World Order Warwick Leaflet
The Stress That Kills American Workers The Economist
The Worth of Nations The Economist
To Save the World, Become a Banker Not a Doctor The Economist
Toward a New World Order Matt Giani
Towards A New Spiritual Economic System Badi Shams
Universal Basic Income Brad S

Vision 2050 – Full Report Working for a Purpose  The Economist

Working in an Attractive Environment is Good for Employees  The Economist
World Citizenship Warwick Leaflets
Worries About the Gig Economy are Mostly Overblown The Economist

82% of the Wealth Generated in 2017 in the World Went to the Richest 1% Badi Shams
A Radical Idea for Reducing Inequality Deserves More Attention The Economist
A Way Out of Extreme Wealth Badi Shams
As Inequality Grows so does the Political Influence of the Rich The Economist
Bangladesh Experiments with a New Approach to Poverty Alleviation The Economist
Do the Rich Deserve to be Rich? Robert Jameson
Bucks After the Bang The Economist
Electricity does not Change Poor Lives as Much as was Thought The Economist
Evolution and Economics: Eradicating Extremes of Wealth and Poverty David Langness

Extreme Poverty is Growing Rarer – The Economist
Extreme Poverty and Extreme Wealth, Explained Arthur Lyon Dahl
Extreme Poverty and Hunger on the Decline David Langness
Fight Against Hunger Baha’i International Community
Finland’s Basic-Income Trial did not Much Affect Work Incentives The Economist
How Altruism Can Reduce the Poverty and Wealth Gap David Langness
How Baha’is Would Eliminate the Extreme of Wealth and Poverty Kenneth Bowers
How Microfinance Works to End Poverty Sai Honig
Management of Small Rural Businesses Michel Zahrai
Nobel Economist Says Inequality is Destroying Democratic Capitalism  Angus Deaton
Poverty Equals War David Langness

Poverty Eradication Only Possible with Structural Transformation
Poverty, Food and the Environment Margaret Tash
The Spiritual Power of Poverty  Peter Glulay
Redistribution of Wealth Research Department of the Universal House of Justice
Social Innovation and Eradication of Poverty Baha’i International Community
The $124,421 Man, How to pay off a mountain of student debt in six years Chadwick Matlin
The Poorest 3.8 Billion People Have As Much Wealth As 26 Billionaires Laura Paddison
The World Bank’s Poverty Estimates Extreme Poverty is Growing Rarer The Economist
Time for a Serious Discussion about Poverty and Justice David Menham
True Wealth isn’t Something You Will Find in your Wallet Ted Slavin
Wealth, Poverty and Spirituality Matt Giani
What Does Prosperity Mean to You Jaellayna Palmer Jaellayna Palmer
Why We Excuse Excess Maya Mansour

Why Wonga’s Woes Spell the End of the Payday Loan Industry The Economist

La Casa Universal de Justicia:

La Promeza de la Paz Mundial Universal House of Justice

A los baha’is del mundo (1 de marzo 2017) Universal House of Justice

Comunidad Internacional Baha'i:

Hacia un modelo de desarrollo para el siglo XXI Baha’i International Community

Lucha Contra el Hambre Baha’i International Community

Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible en la Fe Bahá’i Baha’i International Community

Una misma sustancia Baha’i International Community

Legislación Internacional para el Medio Ambiente y el Desarrollo Baha’i International Community

Integracion de la mujer en el desarrollo enocomico y social de America Latina y el Caribe Baha’i International Community

El Desarrollo Sostenible y el Espíritu Humano Baha’i International Community

Comunidades Sostenibles en un Mundo Integrante Baha’i International Community

Erradicando la Pobreza Baha’i International Community

Nuevos Modelos de Vida Comunitaria en un Mundo Cada Vez Más Urbanizado Baha’i International Community

La Conservacion y el Desarrollo Sostenible en la Fe Baha’i Baha’i International Community

Citas bahais economía Baha’i International Community

La eliminación de la pobreza requiere una transformación estructural Bahai International Community

Hacia un Orden Económico Justo Baha’i Internacional Community

9 consejos económicos para unir a la humanidad  Badi Shams

Spanish Entendiendo

Economía y espiritualidad Desde una perspectiva baha’i  Badi Shams

las implicaciones de la Unidad de la Humanidad   Badi Shams

Spanish Estudio de los Escritos Bahá’ís sobre la economía    Badi Shams

La economía: breve historia, problemas y sugerencias prácticas Badi Shams

Una propuesta sencilla para la Paz de una ciudad Badi Shams

Sugerencias prácticas para la economía del futuro Badi Shams

Sugerencias economicas practicas para un nuevo sistema economico Badi Shams

Escritos Baha’is sobre economia (para participantes) Badi Shams

Escritos Baha’is sobre economia (charla) Badi Shams

Sugerencias practicas para la economia del futuro (para participantes) Badi Shams

Hacia un nuevo sistema economico espiritual Badi Shams

La Economía del Futuro: Una Recopilación de los Escritos Bahá’ís Badi Shams

Guía para iniciar un servicio desinteresado Badi Shams

Escritos bahá’ís sobre economía Badi Shams

Compartir los beneficios: ¿Tiene sentido económico y espiritual? Badi Shams

Convertirse en un economista místico Badi Shams

Cuánto margen de beneficio necesitamos Badi Shams

Debemos justificar nuestros gastos Badi Shams

Economía, una breve historia, sus problemas y sugerencias prácticas Badi Shams

El concepto bahá’í de un buen préstamo Badi Shams

El coste espiritual de un nivel de vida más alto Badi Shams

Evitando arrepentimientos financieros Errores financieros a evitar Badi Shams

La forma de salir de la riqueza extrema Badi Shams

Qué significa la riqueza para la nueva raza del hombre Badi Shams

Tiroteos masivos: ¿Qué podemos hacer al respecto? Badi Shams

Ver el dinero a través de los ojos espirituales Badi Shams

Vivimos en la Edad de los Milagros Badi Shams

Adam Smith y la moralidad Badi Shams

Reflexionando sobre las ganancias y la participación en beneficios ZARRÍN CALDWELL

Qué significa pasar hambre El ayuno bahá’í y la empatía David Langness

Qué deben hacer los países ricos con los refugiados y los inmigrantes DAVID LANGNESS

Pueden la ciencia y la moral encontrar una base común ABDU'L-MISSAGH GHADIRIAN

Puede la espiritualidad resolver la disparidad entre ricos y pobres Behrooz Sabet

Mi verdadero valor MASUD OLUFANI

La ética de la justicia social de la ropa que vestimos MAYA MANSOUR

La espiritualidad y el método científico GREGORY SAMSA ^0 JERRY SCHOENDORF

La causa principal de la indigencia DAVID LANGNESS

La agricultura el ingrediente secreto de la paz mundial y la prosperidad Bob Ballenger

La acción sobre el cambio climático múltiples caminos hacia un futuro mejor Christine Muller

Gracias por la comida JAELLAYNA PALMER

Globalización Bienvenido al Nuevo Orden Mundial Davi Langless

Equilibrando la Economía con la Ecología ERFAN DALIRI

Enlazando la Ciencia y la Tecnología con la Espiritualidad. MONESHIA ZU ELTZ

Encendiendo la luz espiritual para resolver los problemas de la humanidad CHRISTINE MULLER

El primer paso de un activista ARTHUR LYON DAHL

El Cambio Climático poniendo en práctica nuestros principios David Menham

El agricultor el primer agente activo en la sociedad humana Steve Worth

Desarrollo sostenible avanzando hacia una civilización global Christine Muller

Cuánto realmente necesitamos para sentirnos prósperos Arezoo Mohebpour

Cuando piensas en un agricultor te imaginas a una mujer Hugh Locke

Cuál es el papel de la riqueza en la sociedad. JENNA NICHOLAS

Concibiendo una comunidad mundial David Langness

Cómo un gobierno global puede abordar el cambio climático DAVID LANGNESS

Cómo se vería un modelo económico basado en la espiritualidad Katia Arami

Cómo encontrar un trabajo voluntario que inspire tu sentido de servicio NASIM MANSURI

Agricultores haitianos lideran un cambio revolucionario inspirado en los ideales bahá i Katia Arami

Abandonando el beneficio personal en favor del beneficio colectivo JOSEPH ROY SHEPPHERD

4 citas sobre el servicio espiritual que guían mi trabajo profesional MONESHIA ZU ELTZ

Valorando la Espiritualidad en el Desarrollo World Bank

Desarrollo sostenible Christine Muller

El enfoque Bahá’í revolucionario sobre el cambio ambiental Arthur Lyon Dahl

Equilibrando la Economía con la Ecología Erfan Daliri

Finanzas y Espiritualidad Dr. Carlos Albert

Generando consulta sobre el cambio climático en tu comunidad David Langnesss

Globalización David Langness

La Realidad del Cambio Climático Christine Muller

La verdadera confianza Cynthia Barnes-Slater

Por qué permitimos el exceso Maya Mansour

Presupuesto Personal Dr. Carlos Albert

Qué hace que el desarrollo social y económico funcione Moojan Momen

Resolucion Sspiritual del Problema Economico Social Artemus Lamb

Trabajo Nobleza y Adoración David Langless

Trabajo y adoración Simon Ward

Uniendo nuestras metas espirituales y materiales Morgan Wishney

5 razones porqué el progreso espiritual y material deben avanzar juntos Greg Hodges

Abolición de los extremos de riqueza y pobreza David Langness